Atempo Restaurant, by Chef Jordi Cruz, at hotel The Mirror Barcelona

Atempo Restaurant, by Chef Jordi Cruz, at hotel The Mirror Barcelona

The design proposal follows the concept created by Chef Jordi Cruz, it refers to the traditional Bistró and where classic dishes of international cuisine will be offered.

We have respect the current design made by GCA Arquitectos, where the white in the different materials gets multiplied in a universe of mirrors. The kitchen, seen through a panoramic space, allows to see the team working.

Octavi Intente has created for Atempo real-life characters, based on classic “film noir” cinema, that invite us to enter in a new and imaginary world. They come out of the picture and get into our reality through the mirrors. They are made of wood and acrylic, in color shades that that take us back to the black and white films of the time of the film noir. A pianist and a singer who enliven the meal on the pond, at the end of the dining room, paparazzi photographing the diners, bodyguards who act as a screen and a range of characters that take us back to another era. The logo and the shield made for the menu, follow the same line of decoration and have also been created by Octavi Intente. The logo is also used as a sign made in mirror, in large dimensions, it is integrated in the mirror-clad closing wall.

Octavi Intente (Castellar del Vallès, 1959) is an outstanding painter from Terrasa, Catalunya. After his first stage as a book illustrator, has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in important places such as Barcelona, Girona, Madrid, Sevilla, France, USA, etc.

He studied sculpture at the Escola Massana of Barcelona. His works are exposed at museums and foundations, but the most remarkable location is at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

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